-by Nicci James


Nicci James is an Artist and Designer originally from Liverpool, currently completing a Masters in Fashion at the Royal College of Art. Nicci is heavily influenced by the human need for touch and tactility and inspired by the conversation hands have with materials during the act of making. 

Simon Schmidt is a German-born media curator and director based in London with a skill-set ranging from photography, styling to graphic design. Simon is hugely passionate about using social media as a voice to elevate conversation and evoke a narrative that represents the psyche of the young generation. 

What do we get from our clothes? Can something be fashion backwards? How do our own memories of clothes shape our experiences?

This conversation is already broken on one side. Fashion is broken, infused with demands upon our bodies, demands that we must fit into narrow categories that no longer serve us. Corpora was born out of a need to go deeper, to be more fluid. To speak out, to experiment, to ask WHY and break this conversation open wider. Corpora is seeking to dislocate the centrality of masculinity to fashion, and reclaim the feminine as powerful for all bodies.

Corpora approaches this discussion as an art practise, to be informed by our incomplete but amalgamated knowledge of fashion, of bodies, of people, of ourselves. It will, in the nature of any human creation, be imperfect- let's play.

‘We both work with clothes and so we kept having conversations about getting dressed: about our own experiences, daily frustrations, memories of how some things made us feel, what we wished we could find, the tangle of feelings we have about just putting on a simple pair of trousers...’ 


Talking to more people, they began to gather more stories and theories and anecdotes about clothes, about dressing; real human experiences. Nicci - I remember being told once that an artist’s role is to see the holes. This is us seeing them, pulling at them and seeing what we can do to sew them up. 


Collaboration is an integral part of both Nicci & Simon’s work, this project is an extension of everyday conversation and a dissatisfaction with ‘dress’.

With very special thanks to Yianna Hadjipanayiotou for their assistance in building this website. 


A huge thank you also to Hajinsky Magazine for their support and insightful engagement with our exercises- we look forward to continuing this conversation together.